sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

This is who I am!

Hi guys!

I'm Pauline Cancino and I want you to know me. I'm a funny girl, some of my friends think I'm a preppy girl, cause my favorite color is pink. What do you think? I have to say,  I'm a dreamer girl & I'm so romantic. I think I'm in love with love *.*. I'm at college & I'm studying marketing, it's a great carreer, cause is very creative & I love it. I don't have boyfriend for the moment , but I hope have one, soon. I love reading & actually, I'm reading "Wuthering Heights". Btw, I love to go the cinema too :) Just today, I saw the movie "The king's speech". Very recomended movie ;)

Guys is too late and I have to go to sleep. I'd write more things about me, but maybe tomorrow. See you soon. XOXO :)